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24 June 2020 (Wednesday)


4:00pm to 5:30pm

This week's topic:

5 Warning Signs To Look Out For When Hiring A Digital Marketer / Agency

Too many marketers and digital agencies are flooding the market with no real results or strategies to show. How do you weed out the good ones from the phonies and mediocre ones?

A typical agency/marketer will present impressive case studies and complex digital strategies.
A typical client will hire the most impressive one that their budget allows.

But what's the right way to hire a digital marketer/agency?

We will be sharing:
- How to verify the impressive case studies presented
- How to find out if their execution matches their strategies presented
- How to protect your investment in digital marketing by selecting the right marketer/agency
- How to set expectations and hold them accountable to it
- How to and why you should hire the most suitable agency for your business



Victor Chin

Director at AXP Market Expansion Services
Marketing automation solutions provider
CEO at Jobbie Nut Butter
Malaysia #1 online peanut butter brand

Victor has been involved in the scaling and sale of several multi-million dollar companies. He has a deep passion for integrating technology with marketing and his passion has been the foundation of the businesses he has built. He is most recently involved with the scaling of which recently merged with iProperty and is now currently leading the growth of Jobbie Nut Butter, Malaysia's #1 online peanut butter brand.


Justin Chen

CEO at Adeve Digital
Lead generation digital marketing agency
Product lead at AXP Market Expansion Services
Provider of marketing automation solutions

Justin has been involved in creating digital strategies for more than 70 clients from startups to large enterprises in the past 3 years. He has managed over a million ringgit in digital advertising to date and has helped several companies achieve exponential growth through the implementation of digital strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Roundtable?
Digital Roundtable is a weekly discussion among business leaders to discuss on the impacts, trends and methods of implementing digitalization in businesses. It is hosted by experts in the digital industry to facilitate more insightful content for the benefit of everyone.

Why was Digital Roundtable initiated?
It is initiated to help business leaders gain insights from business leaders from various industries on the digital trends in their respective industries. Attendees are mostly different every week so that we can keep the insights fresh.

Who attends Digital Roundtable?
If you are a business leader, you believe that digitalisation is the forefront of the evolving business world and you want to continue innovating digitally in your business, we welcome you! No, you don't have to be a digital business or even digitally savvy to attend. We only need you to be participative and willing to learn from each other.

Where and when do you usually meet?
We usually meet at a cafe or restaurant at KL Gateway Mall on Wednesdays, 4pm. 

How much do I have to pay?
Admission is free. We just request that you make a purchase at the cafe/restaurant that we meet at.

Why is it limited to 10 people?
The format of the roundtable is a dialogue and not a presentation. We keep the group small to facilitate effective discussions.

Is there a catch? Why are you doing this for free?
Of course there's a catch. After attending, we require you to take action in implementing what you have learned. We do this to make the business world a better place and it would be a waste if you just learned from us and did nothing.